Hampton Mosque
Islamic Weekend School

Last updated 9 June 2017

22 Tide Mill Lane
Hampton, VA 23666 USA

Phone: 757-838-ISLM

Hampton Mosque

Fall 2017 Schedule

  September 9   Registration and instruction begins.
  October 21   Semester break.
  November 11   Daylight saving ends (school time 12:30 pm To 4:30 pm).
  December 9   Last day of instruction.


Spring 2018 Schedule

  January 6   Registration and instruction begins.
  March 17   Daylight saving begins (school time 1:30 pm To 5:30 pm).
  April 14   Semester break.
  May 12   Last day of instruction.


Weekend School Forms

  Code of Conduct
  Registration Form
  Letter to Parents and School Supply List
  Honor Code

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