Mosque and Islamic Center of Hampton Roads
Funeral Arrangements.

Last updated 26 September 2019

22 Tide Mill Lane
Hampton, VA 23666 USA

Phone: 757-838-ISLM

Hampton Mosque

Arrangement for the Muslim Burial

The Funeral home that is familiar with the Islamic rituals:

Parklawn Wood Funeral
Phone 757-827-4670


Ghusl (washing the deceased):

Br. Abdul Akbar     Phone 480-265-5037
Imam Raha Abu-Mosa   Phone 410-202-4010


Cemeteries (Muslim sections):

Parklawn Memorial Park     Phone 757-838-2068

Greenlawn Memorial Park     Phone 757-247-5181




  1. The family of the deceased should arrange for payment to the funeral home, ghusl, digging the grave, and burial at the cemetery

  2. If you do not own a burial lot at the cemetery, you can purchase one from Parklawn Memorial Park, or from Hampton Mosque (for Greenlawn Cemetary, if one is available). This purchase is in addition to the expenses listed in #1.

  3. Please make sure to write an Islamic will (and state in the will the Islamic burial)

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